Our New Logo

Homeschool Global seeks to bring the learning experience to the max. Our stylized round emblem alludes to the home:

Books on all sides represent windows and doors of opportunities for learning, roof of protection against the dangers of “not knowing” or “not discerning”. Its round shape punctuates our globalness – as our students are truly global and can homeschool anytime, anywhere.

“The world is truly our classroom.”



The Beginning


1997 : Homeschool Global has its roots with the founding of The Master’s Academy (TMA), a brick-and-mortar school in 1997 by a group of Christian businessmen  led by Dr. Peter and Deonna Tan-Chi.   Their strong desire was to provide a high standard of education focused on Biblical Christian principles and values.  

1999: Their dream to advocate home education or homeschooling as an alternative mode of education   was  realized  with  the Department of Education’s  recognition of The Master’s Academy Home Education Program (HEP) as  the pilot HEP in the Philippines.

2008:   TMA Homeschool began expanding its offerings to better serve the homeschoolers needs.  There were five major changes.  First, it offered Music, Art, and PE classes to help homeschoolers fulfill the needed MAPE  requirements of DepEd.  Second, it switched from a single curriculum choice to various curriculum options  to suit varied family cultures,, preferences, and learning styles.  Third, it launched the High School program so as to serve its growing elementary graduates.  Fourth, it implemented a year-end standardized testing to assess student performance vis-à-vis  international norms.  Finally, it secured   an affiliation with  a premier US based homeschool provider, Walkersville Christian Family Schools (WCFS) to allow students US-accreditation and hence, a seamless acceptance to US schools.  TMA Homeschool was at the forefront of mounting national homeschool conferences and big events, leading to heightened awareness and more decisions to homeschool as a choice.


2012: More homeschool services were offered alongside a new, more accessible location as TMA Homeschool, Inc. – the homeschool service provider of The Master’s Academy.

Today, Homeschool Global is our new name as homeschool service provider. Our corporate colors being familiar will assure people of where we came from and what we continue to stand for. Under Homeschool Global or HG, we will  champion homeschooling anywhere it takes us, supporting our emerging homeschool communities here and abroad, finding ways to serve them better  as they journey towards true success. We are Homeschool Global…global in connectedness, global in vision and outlook.


Millions of families homeschooling everywhere, impacting others through their Christian character and wisdom, creating a world that honors God.


To help families achieve true success through homeschooling, equipping them with excellent tools and strategies to create the best environment for learning.

Core Values

Passionate – actively committed to the cause, energetic
Unconventional – creative, out-of-the-box, resourceful, imaginative
Nurturing – pro-active, sincere “walking alongside”
Competent – able to get things done, & done excellently, always looking for better ways of doing things
Christ-centered – the standard for what we do and how we do things

Statement of Faith

“Train up a child in the way that he should go, for when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

-Proverbs 22:6