The Learn Program is the academic program of Homeschool Global. A Family Advisor (FA)  walks alongside and guides families through their school year. Reinforcing the service of a Family Advisor is an Academic Advisor who stands alongside them for support on academic matters.  Together, they assess the child’s performance and coach parents on how to be an effective parent-teacher.

The Learn Program

Homeschool Intro and Diagnostic Test

The Homeschool Intro is an orientation given at least once every month. During this meeting, you will find out what  homeschooling is all about, who Homeschool Global is, and how you can get started. Simultaneous with this Intro, your grade school child  can take the  Diagnostic Test. This Diagnostic Test reveals your child’s strengths and skills, as well as  possible learning gaps. After 5 working days,  an Advisor will sit down with you to discuss where your child is at and will recommend curriculum best suited to his or her needs.


HG follows an open curriculum system. This means that you have the freedom to choose from different options to tailor fit the material to your child’s needs and learning style.   HG provides a booklist that includes recommended curricula for each subject. Using the results of the Diagnostic Test, an Academic Advisor or Family Advisor will guide you through the options.

Parent-teachers are also allowed to present a preferred curriculum material which may not be included in the list. Upon review and approval, this  may also be used. The criteria for approval will essentially be (a) coverage of the Philippine Department of Education  (DepEd) learning competencies and (b) the Christian core values of the program.

To help parents fulfill the non-academic requirements of DepEd, Learn Plus has its Music, Arts, PE, HELE & TLE classes which students can enroll in. Textbooks are also available to help them fulfill this requirement.

Enrollment and the Commitment Form

Upon submission of requirements for enrollment, payment of tuition fee, and purchase of books, you will be asked to sign the Commitment Form.

Signing the Commitment Form entitles you to consultations with your Family Advisor.  The signed Commitment Form also serves as a reminder to proactively inform your Advisor  of the status of your homeschooling, of factors that  delay or extend your school year, or of any change  in addresses, contact numbers, address, marital status, and so on.

Homeschool 101

Homeschool 101 (HS 101) covers “Everything You Need to Know to Get Started.” You will be trained on the necessary methods, strategies, and principles that will help you set up your homeschool. This is a required training after enrollment. In this training, Academic Advisors or Family Advisors  will meet with you to guide you through the curriculum, discuss the grading system, and help you with the Portfolio Review System. During this time, the Connect Team will also help you find a Co-op.H


Academic Advisor (AA) : an educator who works with parents in tandem with Family Advisors, to ensure meeting academic goals and requirements of students.

Family Advisor (FA): an enrolled TMA HEP parent with several years experience in homeschooling, who now commits “to walk alongside” homeschooling families to support, counsel, inspire and help bring them to the end-goal of true success.


The Connect Program helps get families to dynamically interact with one another, through small groups called Learn Groups consisting of families in similar locations or lifestages. By connecting these families, homeschoolers can exchange ideas and best practices, encourage and support each other, and even allow friendships to be formed. Homeschooling is easier, lighter, and brighter when families learn together! Parents receive invaluable support from other parents as they connect and share their homeschooling experiences. A parent who are strong in a subject or life skill takes turns teaching kids in the Learn Group.  Being in a Learn Group ensures success in homeschooling.


The Shine Program brings the bigger Homeschool Global community together, allowing the showcase of talents and skills, opportunities for service or good works, and bonding moments between families.


What Does Shine Do?

Shine mounts small and big events, profiles skills of families to create a database of resource persons for community events. The Shine team collects inspiring homeschool stories and praise-worthy services rendered by homeschoolers and features them during events or publishes them in different media to promote homeschooling.

Shine Events


A formal ceremony to acknowledge students who are moving up from Preschool to Elementary, Elementary to High School, and High School to College, and taking occasion to celebrate successes as a testament to God’s faithfulness in their lives.


A series of seminars equipping parents and their teens with life principles on purity, friendships, love, courtship, and marriage.

Parent's Conference

A one-day conference for families who are enrolled, and those who are interested in homeschooling.
It aims to encourage and equip parents with insights, trainings, and resources to make homeschooling a better, richer experience.


A day of celebrating God’s goodness and faithfulness while remembering the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ.


A day where families come together to celebrate our Philippine culture.

Nurtures a love and deeper appreciation for Philippine history, heritage, culture, and language.